Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tax the rich... say German millionaires...!

You couldn't make it up!

Reports of a demonstration of millionaires in Germany throwing fake banknotes in the air and demanding higher taxes - for themselves! Perhaps they've read the SSP Euro election manifesto where we called for a 10% tax for the super rich in Europe? Sounds like it because they are calling for 5% a year for two years!

Now with George Osborne calling for a limit on bankers bonuses perhaps socialism as an idea whose time is coming may just be the case!

Truth is it just shows how blatant the inequality and injustice is that even the some the rich are starting to get embarrassed!

A tale of two stalls... the SSP stalls in Springburn are always mobbed, while the mainstream parties who have let the people of Glasgow North East down continually, are ignored.

The battle-bus!

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