Thursday, 29 October 2009

The alternative is left...

Infuriated by last weeks fascism on the licence fee courtesy of the BBC. In what appeared to be a quite cynical attempt to boost ratings and create controversy the BBC used our licence fee to give a platform to a group of fascists who preach the politics of hate and division.

Infuriated because we fight for a space in the mass media for our socialist alternative and are denied space for our views. Infuriated because a party that can only a muster nothing on the ground in Glasgow East have been giving a week of free publicity during this election - and then hot on the heels of the BBC - after they have opened the fascist flood-gates, a local Glasgow radio station allows the same evil, nasty bigotry on our airwaves. And what a waste of good eggs. I hope they were out of date.

Makes it even more important that the SSP's alternative from the left is built to answer the failure of the mainstream parties to properly represent working class communities. Fascism has no place on our screen and on our streets and we'll continue to offer an alternative to capitalism and will resist the scapegoating of our fellow citizens of whatever creed or colour.

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