Saturday, 27 March 2010

Your SSP Candidate

Kevin McVey is standing again in the constituency. This video was taken after the march for jobs, last November.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Polling Day...

After what seems like a very, very long time election finally about to arrive!

Started in what little sunshine we had in June and its ending in the cold and dark of November.

No idea how we'll do but do know we've worked relentlessly since mid summer. In the face of celebrity bull, an indifferent media and our tiny financial resources we have tried to take a clear and compelling message on the need to challenge the greed of the system and the complacency of politicians who too often abuse the trust that people put in them.

Thousands of bulletins delivered, face to face contact with too many to count, public meetings and a demonstration to boot. The SSP regardless of the result remains a vibrant and living alternative to the cynicism and hopelessness that surrounds so much about politics these days.Proud as punch to be part of it and to have my name next to it on the ballot paper.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

MARCH for jobs - secure a future for our young people.

Proud to lead the SSP/SSY March for Jobs in Springburn today. Whilst the other parties talk about jobs being at the centre stage of the campaign, whilst promoting cuts in public spending that will increase unemployment, the SSP got on with the job of beginning the fight back against another generation being sacrificed to mass unemployment.

It now falls on the Trade Union movement to take up the challenge that we have thrown down. I grew up in the 80's and watched as Thatcher stripped away at our chances of employment and ripped out the heart of communities across Scotland. I remember demonstrations of hundreds of thousands as people refused to accept her brutal logic that the free market is best. Such resistance must be built again.

Our march today, organised at short notice, with tiny resources, marks the beginning of people saying that they will not sit back and see Labour, Tories and the rest of them condemn young people to a future of no jobs or casual, short term, low paid employment.

Homes need built, public transport is crying out for improvement and our communities need investment. Spend billions on these priorities, rather than give it to the bankers to spend on their bonuses, and create employment whilst improving our quality of life.

The mood on our march was upbeat but determined. The SSP will do all we can to save every job and defend our public services. The fight goes on because we have no other option but to resist and actively fight for a future for our next generation of young people.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On with the Battle! (against the weather...)


The cliché just now would be to say that the race is hotting up for the by-election but after last couple of days of wind and rain somehow doesn't seem very appropriate. Battling your way through the elements you realise why Labour went for a November election. For them its anything to make sure the election is as low key as possible because the less scrutiny of their abysmal record the better as far as they are concerned.

Hasn't stopped us getting out there right enough. Particularly good to have Colin Fox and the others through from Edinburgh to give us a hand and the rain didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm when it came to knocking on doors.

Also good to speak with Raphie at a meeting in Dennistoun last week. Venue just next to the street where my dad grew up gave it a little personal interest as well. Raphie's insight from the 'belly of the beast' of the banking industry brought home just how outrageous their behaviour has been and how they continue to get away with it. Only two responses when you hear it - one is to shrug your shoulders and ask what can be done - the other is to get angry and to organise to fight back. If its the latter the SSP is for you and you should think of coming along this Saturday to our march for jobs, 12 noon at Springburn shopping centre.

March for Jobs!

March for Jobs - Saturday 7th November - 12 noon Springburn Shopping Centre

Organised alongside SSY this march is to highlight the fact that we do not want another wasted generation like those in the 80's and beyond whose future has been blighted by unemployment.

With every passing day more people are made to pay the price for the greed of the bosses whose economic crisis is threatening all of our jobs and services.

The free market parties all agree that it is working people who will have to pay for recession and the SSP is seeking to offer an alternative to this dismal consensus. Resistance has to be built and our march is part of that process.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of fighting back against unemployment and part of the SSP's campaign to make the rich pay for their economic crisis. Bring your friends, family and banners and help make our demo a success

Come along and join the March for Jobs this Saturday!

For more info Kevin 07817 123917

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tax the rich... say German millionaires...!

You couldn't make it up!

Reports of a demonstration of millionaires in Germany throwing fake banknotes in the air and demanding higher taxes - for themselves! Perhaps they've read the SSP Euro election manifesto where we called for a 10% tax for the super rich in Europe? Sounds like it because they are calling for 5% a year for two years!

Now with George Osborne calling for a limit on bankers bonuses perhaps socialism as an idea whose time is coming may just be the case!

Truth is it just shows how blatant the inequality and injustice is that even the some the rich are starting to get embarrassed!

A tale of two stalls... the SSP stalls in Springburn are always mobbed, while the mainstream parties who have let the people of Glasgow North East down continually, are ignored.

The battle-bus!