Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Polling Day...

After what seems like a very, very long time election finally about to arrive!

Started in what little sunshine we had in June and its ending in the cold and dark of November.

No idea how we'll do but do know we've worked relentlessly since mid summer. In the face of celebrity bull, an indifferent media and our tiny financial resources we have tried to take a clear and compelling message on the need to challenge the greed of the system and the complacency of politicians who too often abuse the trust that people put in them.

Thousands of bulletins delivered, face to face contact with too many to count, public meetings and a demonstration to boot. The SSP regardless of the result remains a vibrant and living alternative to the cynicism and hopelessness that surrounds so much about politics these days.Proud as punch to be part of it and to have my name next to it on the ballot paper.

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  1. Hey Kevin, long time no see. Great blog, found it linked on SSP website! Will probably be joining SSP myself in near future, have decided to become a bit more involved in the attempt to change the system from within. Plus feel very out of the loop being unable to attend the uni Socialist Society. Bloody evening classes again this semester!