Wednesday, 4 November 2009

March for Jobs!

March for Jobs - Saturday 7th November - 12 noon Springburn Shopping Centre

Organised alongside SSY this march is to highlight the fact that we do not want another wasted generation like those in the 80's and beyond whose future has been blighted by unemployment.

With every passing day more people are made to pay the price for the greed of the bosses whose economic crisis is threatening all of our jobs and services.

The free market parties all agree that it is working people who will have to pay for recession and the SSP is seeking to offer an alternative to this dismal consensus. Resistance has to be built and our march is part of that process.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of fighting back against unemployment and part of the SSP's campaign to make the rich pay for their economic crisis. Bring your friends, family and banners and help make our demo a success

Come along and join the March for Jobs this Saturday!

For more info Kevin 07817 123917

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