Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"Make sacrifices!" is the advice from the rich to the rest of us...

Talks are continuing on the postal dispute and now BA cabin crew re considering a ballot on strike action. No one in this day and age takes strike action lightly but at least both of these events highlight that people are responding to the onslaught from bosses determined to use the economic crisis to further drive down wages and conditions.
At the same time heard today that Chief Executive pay is staying steady. So while the rest of us are meant to accept pay cuts and freezes the Adam Crosier's and Willie Walsh's of this world continue to pocket salaries that run into millions.
On the CWU picket line what struck me as well as the determination to defend our postal services was the outrage that long serving workers felt about a management culture that was about bullying and contempt. This comes from the top, from the same greedy bosses who are demanding sacrifices from us whilst their wealth goes untouched.

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