Sunday, 11 October 2009

The fight for women's rights is still raging...

Attended the 'Gude Cause' march In Edinburgh yesterday to celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage. Delighted to be part of such a big and positive demonstration.

Went along for two main reasons. the first was simply to celebrate and honour those that fought for the right to vote for women. They didn't wait to seek approval from anybody but instead realised that they would have to organise themselves to fight for what they believed was right. In the face of whatever obstacles where thrown in their way they kept going and changed the course of history. Power lies in people once they are organised and determined and those that seem powerful can do little to stop them. Its a simple but crucial lesson. Things can and will change if we want them to - we just have to stick together and fight in the way that the suffragettes did.

The second reason is that the fight for equality and rights for women is far from over. I have two daughters and they are growing up in a world where they are still likely to receive less pay for work of equal value, face the threat of domestic or sexual violence or be bombarded with images that objectify and demean women. Tackling these issues will take more than just the vote to change. For me they are part and parcel of the struggle for a society that is based on co-operation and respect, not exploitation and inequality. Celebrate our past but build for the future that's why I was on the Gude Cause march.

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