Monday, 19 October 2009

Defend our door to door posties!

If ever evidence was needed of Labour's capitulation to Thatcherism look no further than their disgraceful complicity with Royal Mail management in their provocative attempts to break this week's national postal strike.

After a ballot that overwhelmingly supported strike action to stop managements attempt to bully the workforce into accepting the imposition of changes to their terms and conditions it is outrageous that the response of management to this is to consider bringing in an army of scab labour in an attempt to break the strike.

It is difficult to believe that this threat has not been tacitly supported by the labour heirarchy as part of their determination to break the CWU to smooth the way for their declared goal of handing over our postal service to their big business friends.

Everyone should get behind the postal workers this week and beyond as they are fighting to defend a national door to door service. Labour's talk of standing up for people in Glasgow North East is again shown to be hypocrisy. When push comes to shove profit will always come before people for them.

Colin Fox Speaks on the Jeremy vine Show, 19.10.09 (the discussion begins at 7 minutes 50 seconds)

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