Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Glasgow City Council - Labour Party Haste to justify closures was just not true!

It seems almost beyond satire, but after savagely closing schools across Glasgow and justifying it by claiming school rolls are falling, Glasgow City Council have admitted that surprise, surprise the number of kids at Glasgow schools has actually gone up (see HERE)!

You might expect that this would mean an apology to the parents and campaigners who so determindely fought to save their schools? Or perhaps the councillors who so contempously dismissed the case against closure would now be investigating how they could re-open the slashed school spaces to take account of their startling new admission? Not a bit of it. Once again exhibiting the twisted logic of Glasgow City Council these revised figures means that they will have to find another £22 million to cut from the education budget.

The more pupils there are - the less money we will have to spend on them. Nothing like investing in our future and that certainly is nothing like investing in our future! The fight to save our schools hasn't gone away no matter how much Labour might want it.

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  1. I would love to know the figures for numbers of vulnerable children turned down for a nursery place. And the excuse about not knowing how many weans there are is quite amusing. They were born approx 5 years ago - plenty time to work it out......Labour in Glasgow think WE were all born yesterday.

    I believe Save our Schools campaigners pointed out the rising birth rate to Fiona Hyslop, SNP Education Minister. She chose to sit on the fence and not back the parents, thus effectively backing Labour in Glasgow.